° tenderse to stretch out, lie full lengthSe tendieron sobre la arena.They stretched out on the sand. ▲ dreamHe tenido un sueño muy raro.I’ve had a really unusual dream. ° conciliar el sueño to get to sleepNo pudo conciliar el sueño.He could not get to sleep. ° echar un sueño to take a napA la mitad de la tarde eché un sueño.I took a nap in the midst of the afternoon. ° tener sueño to be sleepy.Tenía el sueño pesado.He was a very sound sleeper. Sostener to holdSostenía la botella en la mano.He held the bottle in his hand.

VVho sees thee by day, will not search thee by night time. If the factor had been to be accomplished twice, the Asse had been our own. Who fasts and doth no good factor else, spareth his bread, and goeth to hell. An ounce of mirth is best then a pound of melancholy. Is a Devill Incarnat, a lot much less that you will be of the number of those that go out Masters, and come again Clarks within the level of Knowledge.

° correr el rumor to be rumoredCorre el rumor de que se va a casar.It’s rumored that he will get married. ° correr por cuenta de uno to be one’s affair, to be as a lot as oneEso corre por mi cuenta.I’ll care for that, orThat’s as a lot as me. Copa glass, stem glass, gobletLlenó las copas de vino.He filled the glasses with wine.

Preferencia preferenceDebemos dar preferencia al estudio del español y del inglés.We ought to provide desire to the research of Spanish and English. Portarse to behave, conduct oneselfSe portó muy mal.He behaved very badly. Pollo chickenLos pollos están muy caros en este tiempo.Chickens are very high right now.

—No comparto su opinión.I don’t share his opinion. Cómico comedian, funny, amusing¡Qué situación más cómica! ▲ actor, actressSon unos cómicos malísimos.They’re very unhealthy actors.

° volver loco to drive crazy, irritateMe vas a volver loco.You’re driving me crazy. ° volverse to turnSe le ha vuelto el pelo muy blanco.His hair https://peoplesarthistoryus.org/pah-excerpt-antinuclear-street-art/ has turned snow-white. ▲ to show over¡Haga el favor de volverse del lado contrario! ▲ to back outDijo que vendría, pero se ha vuelto atrás.He said he would come, however he has backed out. ° volverse loco to turn out to be loopy, become insaneSe ha vuelto loco.He’s gone loopy. Uno a, anNecesito un experto para este trabajo.I want an skilled for this work.

From smooth water God deliver me, for I shall preserve my self from the tough. Shew me thy wife, and I will tell thee what a husband thou artwork. The fool fell in love with the lace of her Gorget. Depart a while from the collerick man, and all thy life from a silent man. The foot on the Cradle, and the hand on the Distaff; a sign of a good Houswife. VVho will have a hansome wife, let him chuse her upon Satur∣day, and not upon Sunday, viz.

Presentir [rad-ch II] to have a feeling or premonition. Precisión necessityHay precisión de terminar la carretera pronto.The freeway should be completed soon. ▲ precisionEs admirable la precisión de la máquina.The precision of that machine’s fantastic. ° tener precisión to need, haveTengo precisión de salir.I have to go out. ° pompas de jabón cleaning soap bubblesEl niño hace pompas de jabón.The kid’s blowing soap bubbles.

I just came into slightly money and I received a enterprise proposition to throw your means. Uh, my cousin over there along with his tongue hanging out, has been meaning to ask you.. The differing practices can be confusing for somebody unfamiliar with Spanish but the Spanish method of doing issues has been round for lots of of years.

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