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An answer that goes off on a tangent can confuse or bore an interviewer, which will immediately have them checked out on the possibility of hiring you. While many applicants will find this tip silly, it can dramatically improve your performance and relieve the pressure of an interview. That age-old saying of practice making perfect is grounded in reality. Once you’ve got a clear picture of the steps that lead you to a good answer for why you like accounting, you may still need some tips to help craft the most impressive answer. Mentioning a specific part of the job that you like but then having no experience in this area will cheapen your response and make for difficulty down the line. Make sure your answer highlights your strengths with accounting.

View Department pages to learn more about working in state government, connect with us on social media and contact department Equity and Inclusion Officers. Read on for an in-depth comparison of both subjects, to help you make a decision… The finance vs. accounting decision can be a tough one, especially if you haven’t worked in either industry before. Below are the primary corporate job functions and responsibilities for each of the respective professions. Accountants, by nature, are backward-looking because they take historical financial information to prepare their reports.

Why Major in Accounting?

The top salaries for financial examiners are more than $159,560. The best-paying industry for financial examiners is the federal government, where the median annual salary is $124,070. The BLS projects 18% job growth for financial examiners between 2020 and 2030.

What Skills Are Required for Accounting?

Accountants hail from a wide variety of backgrounds. Generally speaking, however, attention to detail is a key component in accountancy, since accountants must be able to diagnose and correct subtle errors or discrepancies in a company’s accounts. The ability to think logically is also essential, to help with problem-solving. Mathematical skills are helpful but are less important than in previous generations due to the wide availability of computers and calculators.

I found out I actually love accounting because it is not all about math. Even though there is number crunching behind accounting, accountancy you have to understand the organization as a whole, their business process and what kind of business they conduct.

So, is accounting a good career choice for you?

Most employers seek applicants who are passionate about the field and role they’re seeking because this type of energy makes for a productive employee. ” is broad and open-minded, many candidates may make the mistake of giving a long-winded answer. While you should be careful not to get lost in oversharing when it comes to what you like about accounting, developing a more easy-going feel in answering can strengthen the impression it makes on the interviewer. Be honest with yourself and the interviewer about what you like about accounting. While doing this, still frame your answer in a calculated way that addresses all elements of the formula for a strong answer.

In order to become a chartered accountant, you’ll need to gain further professional qualifications specific to the country in which you wish to work. Depending on the hiring business, however, these professional qualifications can sometimes be gained on the job, often with subsidies from your employer. Our guest author, Susan Lowe, is a licensed CPA in the state of Massachusetts. Lowe currently works as a financial executive for nonprofit organizations that promote social advocacy and health and human services.

You’ll find ample career advancement opportunities

I thought it was a good introduction to different concepts that play into how companies operate and what they are interested in. If you study at postgraduate level, depending on the specific credits and modules you take, you may find that you are exempt from having to take these external qualifications. One of the biggest differences in accounting vs. finance careers is the types of personalities that are drawn to each of them.

This growth necessitates a strong pipeline of accounting graduates. However, not anyone can become an accountant—there’s very specific coursework required to join this growing field. In simpler terms, accounting is how a business records its financial information. Accountants, or anyone else tasked with https://www.bookstime.com/ accounting activities, are concerned with capturing a snapshot of an organization’s financial health at a specific point in time. Here are six reasons why any professional can benefit from understanding financial accounting. It’s hard to make decisions about a business without accurate information.

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